At T.H. Easter Consulting, we choose reality. We believe that the best analysis can only be done when grounded in fact. We believe that solutions can only be successful when based on truth. We believe great results are the natural product of reality-based strategies. That’s why we approach every HR engagement with the same inquiry—what’s really going on? And we find out by asking questions, gathering, validating and analyzing data, and benchmarking performance. Then we tell you the truth, and we help you fix it. Really.

What is Your Firm’s Success Profile?

Law firms are doing an embarrassingly bad job of retaining and promoting diverse lawyers. According to the National Association for Law Placement, representation of African-Americans at the associate level has declined every year since 2010, and Hispanic representation has increased only one half of 1% since 2009. So, what’s going on?



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HR Strategy & Management

Your business’s goals – that is, its strategic imperatives – should sit at the heart of any HR strategy. T.H. Easter Consulting works with you to align business and HR needs by assessing the organization as it exists. We do so by asking and answering one key question, “Can your organization’s current internal capability deliver its business goals?” Our answer will be the result of several layers of analysis, determining whether your organization is attracting and hiring the right people in the right positions, as well as engaging the workforce in such a way as to motivate and maximize high performing behavior. And then we suggest and implement strategies for getting it right. T.H. Easter Consulting is your partner in making your workforce an integral part of your company’s business goals and objectives.
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Executive Recruitment

There is no one-size-fits all approach to finding that truly exceptional candidate. T. H. Easter Consulting’s strategic approach aligns market conditions and the client’s organizational strategy with specific needs based on industry, function and geography. And once placed, each professional is provided 90 days of executive coaching focused on making the transition and integration optimally successful – a proven success factor in sustainable hiring.
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Leadership Development

At T. H. Easter Consulting, we find that forward-looking organizations can capitalize and realize a true competitive advantage by implementing a leadership competency for their entire workforce. Studies have shown that developing leadership capabilities in all employees is associated with a smaller leadership skills deficit. When each individual’s vision for personal success is supported and leveraged, no matter their position, the employer realizes a high level of employee engagement, inspiring people to achieve the organization’s goals.
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Diversity & Inclusion

At T. H. Easter Consulting, Diversity & Inclusion is a business strategy, not a standalone initiative. Our unique approach is to craft diversity and inclusion initiatives that align with our clients’ business goals, moving beyond elusive measures with limited impact, to actionable practices that achieve business goals and improve the bottom line. Successful D&I programs don’t just check the diversity box; they raise productivity, increase profits, and reduce turnover.
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Employee Engagement

We believe in the “retro” idea that loyalty in the employer/employee relationship is a recipe for success. When employers invest in employee development, employees invest in employer success. Using tools such as the Gallup Q12 survey, T. H. Easter Consulting provides insight into employee preferences, perceptions and behaviors on an ongoing basis to facilitate employee development and investment in our clients’ success.
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High performing executives, like elite athletes, need an objective pair of eyes to identify strengths and weaknesses they may not know they have. Using psychometric assessments such as MBTI©, The Birkman Method©, The DiSC©, and Emotional Intelligence/EI360, T. H. Easter Consulting works with clients to sharpen their edge to achieve new levels of performance and success.
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