Executive Search

The T. H. Easter Consulting difference is 90 days of executive coaching after placement focused on making the transition and integration optimally successful – a proven success factor in sustainable hiring. T. H. Easter Consulting’s strategic approach to recruitment involves aligning market conditions and your organization’s strategy with your specific needs based on industry, function and geography. We know that finding the right talent can be difficult. Through our network of industry professionals, exclusive database and other sourcing methods, we are able to identify candidates who possess the skills, experience and temperament that are required for each client organization. We screen, short list, and pre-qualify candidates so that the best matches are presented. We know that organizational fit really matters so we use sophisticated psychometric tools to validate our search selections.


    You are having difficulty filling crucial positions because your company is located in a small town.


    A search firm that isn’t interested in just putting a body in a seat. This requires a search strategy that identifies candidates who see the value in small town living, and a search firm that can sell the personal and professional opportunities that are unique to such an environment.


    An employee with staying power because a clear connection has been made between your company, its culture and the candidate.

    What We Do

    What We Do

    Each professional at T.H. Easter Consulting brings a deep understanding of the challenges and dynamics of leadership to the table. We know how hard it is to find, hire and retain the finest talent, especially when diversity is a factor. We focus on strengthening the selection process, new hire integration and individual professional development, with a specific emphasis on professional services, utilities, energy, power, gas, electric, law, health care, corporate, retail and hospitality, and not-for-profits. We help our clients with their most significant and challenging strategic hiring needs as they look to improve workplace diversity. We are able to leverage our vast personal networks as well as social media and other networking strategies to find the right candidate for your needs.

    We focus our consulting on increasing candidates’ opportunity for success in support of an employer’s strategic hiring needs. Through the use of sophisticated interview and assessment tools and individual coaching processes, we are able to ensure the right fit for the client and candidate. We also help the candidate set realistic expectations about the business environment, including each business’s unique opportunities for professional growth and, in the case of the diverse professional, the sometimes-difficult landscape. At the same time, we focus our candidates on being partners in their professional development and the importance of setting and implementing individual short- and long-term action plans for performance and personal growth. Unlike other consultancies, we offer each candidate an executive coach to augment the client’s on-boarding process over the critical first 90 days of employment.