Employee Engagement

Higher levels of employee engagement drive higher individual and organizational performance. Gallup research backs this up. Companies who register in the top quarter in employee engagement outperformed the bottom quarter in profitability, productivity and customer ratings. They also saw lower turnover, less workforce shrinkage, reduced absenteeism and safety incidents and fewer product quality defects.


    According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace Report, 70 percent of employees feel disconnected from the work they’re doing.


    Make clear connections between each individual employee’s performance and your business objectives, and reinforce those connections over each employee’s tenure.


    Higher performance, employee commitment to the organizational mission, and a more cohesive culture.

    What We Do

    What We Do

    By making clear connections between individual performance and client business objectives, T.H. Easter Consulting cultivates higher performance, employee commitment to the organizational mission, and a more cohesive culture. The goal of our employee engagement practice is to create ownership of the organizational mission in each individual employee; to cultivate shared values; and to nurture and encourage employees to work hard to meet or exceed their own objectives, as well as those of the company.

    Engagement Measurement & Programming
    Employee engagement is not a term of art. There is a science to identifying where companies are falling short in keeping their employees committed, engaged and motivated. The results of focused and targeted engagement strategies and programming are real and measurable. T. H. Easter Consulting uses sophisticated diagnostic tools and surveys to develop innovative approaches to employee engagement specific to the client. We work alongside leaders to implement and then we follow up to measure and report progress against defined business objectives.

    Organizational Assessments
    It is not difficult to identify companies in trouble. But frequently the signs are there well before metrics like decreasing revenues, rising employee turnover and increased absenteeism make it apparent that things aren’t working. T. H. Easter Consulting works with business leaders to preempt these indicators by performing organizational assessments to diagnose the health of the business from both macro and micro perspectives well before these lagging indicators show up. We do a deep dive into the organization to examine people, policy and processes to determine if the current state aligns with the leaders’ business objectives. We make sure your culture supports your vision for success.

    Diversity & Inclusion Strategy and Planning
    The workforce of 2025 is going to look dramatically different than the legacy Baby Boomer workforce most organizations are accustomed to. Many businesses have made “diversity” a priority in their recruiting, but hiring frequently is where that commitment stops. T. H. Easter Consulting works with clients to create a strategy that recognizes diversity as the business imperative it is. Getting diverse people in the door is neither a strategy nor a plan. The T. H. Easter approach is to work with leaders to articulate the organization’s business case for D&I and a business strategy to meet near- and long-term goals; build consensus among leadership on achievable goals and outcomes; define Diversity and Inclusion focus areas; and strengthen the integral connections between D&I and professional development, employee engagement (including aspects of retention), business development and community engagement through innovation in approaches and tactics.

    Communications Strategy and Planning
    All of these employee engagement strategies and tactics mean nothing if they aren’t communicated to employees in a comprehensive and meaningful way. Communication is the linchpin to achieving buy in, motivating the workforce, ensuring consistency in message and proactively soliciting feedback. Most organizations have many “touchpoints” with their employees. T. H. Easter Consulting does a thorough examination of the organization’s communications efforts and the media available. We then work with clients to make regular and consistent communications with employees – both formal and informal -- a priority.