Through our coaching practice, T. H. Easter Consulting helps leaders in diverse industries develop and enhance the skills necessary to produce best-in-class results through self-discovery, skills training and behavior modification. The benefits of coaching are well documented. A recent global survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource Centre found that the mean return on investment in coaching was seven times the initial investment, and over a quarter of coaching clients reported a stunning ROI of ten to 49 times the cost.


    You know where you need to take your company, but you are having difficulty communicating your vision to the board. Without winning your board’s support, you will be unable to achieve the strategic goals they have articulated.


    An executive coach’s objective perspective can help pinpoint where your skills need sharpening to increase your effectiveness.


    A relationship of mutual respect and trust with your board of directors and other stakeholders that facilitates buy-in for your vision.

    What We Do

    What We Do

    With a team of executive coaching professionals, we customize our approach to each client’s needs and goals. Using coaching, diagnostic tools and performance assessments, we identify both skill and behavioral strengths and weaknesses. We assist high-potential targets and those who want to sharpen their edge achieve new and greater levels of performance.

    Individual Coaching
    T. H. Easter Consulting’s cadre of executive coaches works with high performing executives to develop the perspective necessary to provide strategic vision. Making the transition from tactician to strategist can be fraught as expectations change. Our executive coaches help new and incumbent leaders effectively use critical thinking and self-analysis to develop a greater understanding of the role that judgment and emotions play in the context of leadership and good decision-making.

    Team Coaching
    Team coaching is an extension of T. H. Easter Consulting's suite of leadership development suite of services. If executive coaching is focused on individual performance, team coaching emphasizes the interpersonal dynamics, collaboration and consensus building necessary to achieve optimal organizational results. Our consultants identify the strengths and weaknesses each team member brings to the table, and works with the team both to understand and to maximize individual work and leadership styles in service to the whole.

    Transition Coaching
    New executives are frequently left to fend for themselves because it is assumed they are ready to hit the ground running. This assumption does a disservice both to those individuals and to the organization. In reality, new executives and those new to a role need to be given every chance to acclimate to their new positions within the organization. Coaching them through this transition can be a vital ingredient to ensuring their success. T. H. Easter Consulting’s coaches assist organizations and their executives in setting expectations for performance, engendering support, developing key partnerships and effectively navigating the political environment to maximize the potential for success.

    Strategic Alignment to Organizational Goals
    T. H. Easter Consulting has identified leadership readiness as vital to the achievement of a company’s business objectives. Readiness in this context is not a generic concept, rather it is ready and able to execute the organization’s specific vision. This means that our clients’ leaders and managers must have competencies that are aligned to the mission. This is especially true for businesses experiencing mission transition. As organizational goals change, development must be realigned to ensure readiness to execute. T. H. Easter works with clients to define their mission, and we identify the skills and competencies necessary to carry it out.

    Skills Gap Analysis
    It is not uncommon in a rapidly changing business environment to discover that your workforce does not have the skills necessary to meet evolving needs. This issue will become more acute as the Baby Boomers age out of the workforce. T. H. Easter Consulting works with clients to create alignment between business goals and workforce skills by performing comprehensive skills gap analyses. Our consultants have extensive experience in defining the competencies necessary to achieve business objectives, and benchmarking your workforce’s capacity to meet those goals. We then can assist in developing training strategies to close those skills gaps to ensure that your workforce can rise to the occasion, no matter the challenge.