At T.H. Easter Consulting, our mission is to cultivate exceptional leaders. Companies with strong leadership development programs are one and a half times more likely to be found atop Fortune Magazine’s “Most Admired Companies” list. These are companies with leaders who possess a keen understanding of their business’s revenue drivers, a working knowledge of the interdisciplinary functions of the business, and most importantly, the ability to inspire people to achieve the business’s goals by leveraging and supporting each individual’s vision for personal success. Our leadership development practice focuses on how to identify leaders and improve leadership effectiveness, how to assess leadership performance, and how to design new approaches to achieve great performance in executives and managers.


    You would like to retire within the next five to ten years, but you have not created a succession plan.


    Identifying candidates with high potential for leadership through sophisticated diagnostic and psychometric tools that validate potential with hard data based upon competencies, leadership style and readiness.


    The right individual or individuals who possess a keen understanding of your business’s revenue drivers, a working knowledge of the interdisciplinary functions of the business, and most importantly, the ability to inspire people to achieve the business’s goals.

    What We Do

    What We Do

    Professional Development (for Leaders & Managers)
    Corporate America is struggling with a very real and documented “leadership deficit.” A recent American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) survey found that leaders are deficient in the competencies necessary for future success. T. H. Easter Consulting uses targeted surveys and diagnostic tools to identify the specific leadership deficit in organizations. We then create innovative and customized development strategies to further mature incumbent leaders and managers and align their knowledge and skills with the business’s vision for success.

    Professional Skills Training
    Today’s leaders are “hard skills” devotees focused on results, analytical bottom liners who are competitive and driven. But it is the “soft skills”– strategic planning, change management, knowledge sharing, listening and emotional intelligence, that are vital to addressing organizational challenges. Yet the people who earn promotions to senior positions are rarely assessed for their ability to think in strategic terms. The T. H. Easter approach zeroes in on this specific skill using the innovative Pinsight Leadership Assessment. We identify and develop customized training to ensure your leaders and managers are capable of doing what’s required to achieve personal and organizational success.

    Strategic Alignment to Organizational Goals
    T. H. Easter Consulting has identified leadership readiness as vital to the achievement of a company’s business objectives. Readiness in this context is not a generic concept, rather it is the ability to execute the organization’s specific vision. This means that our clients’ leaders and managers must have competencies that are aligned to the mission. This is especially true for businesses experiencing mission transition. T. H. Easter works with clients to define their mission, and we identify the skills and competencies necessary to carry it out.

    Succession Planning
    The key to effective succession planning begins with defining your business’s strategic goals. Only when a clear vision has been established can the leadership qualities necessary to achieve that vision be identified. T. H. Easter Consulting approaches succession planning as one part of the business’s overall strategic planning. We work with clients to create a proactive plan for each key position, moving people into different areas to gain the necessary experience and training before they are needed in critical positions, rather than waiting for openings to occur.

    Identifying Future Leaders
    As a part of comprehensive succession planning, T. H. Easter Consulting assists clients in identifying the high potential future leaders from within the company’s ranks, as well as through strategic, targeted recruiting. While many “leaders” have ascended to their positions because they are technically superior, this does not necessarily indicate leadership potential as they frequently lack the “soft skills” required to lead effectively. T. H. Easter Consulting provides much needed clarity to clients in defining these soft skills, and using sophisticated assessment tools including the Birkman Method and EQi, we identify with precision those employees who possess the potential to execute the organization’s strategy.

    Executive Coaching
    T. H. Easter Consulting’s cadre of executive coaches works with high performing executives to develop the perspective necessary to provide strategic vision. Making the transition from tactician to strategist can be fraught as expectations change. Our executive coaches help new and incumbent leaders effectively use critical thinking and self-analysis to develop a greater understanding of the role that judgment and emotions play in the context of leadership and good decision-making.

    Team Coaching
    Team coaching is an extension of the T. H. Easter Consulting leadership development suite of services. If executive coaching is focused on individual performance, team coaching emphasizes the interpersonal dynamics, collaboration and consensus building necessary to achieve optimal organizational performance. Our consultants identify the strengths and weaknesses each team member brings to the table, and works with the team both to understand and to maximize individual work and leadership styles in service to the whole.