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These Four Easy Observations Provide a True Gauge on Diversity

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Elementary, Dear Colleagues: Four Easy Methods to Get a Real Gauge on Diversity

Is your company still checking the diversity and inclusion box? Terri Hartwell Easter advises clients to take a walk around the office and use these four simple observations to gauge the real impact of your company’s diversity efforts.

     • Look at your executive leadership. Does it reflect the diversity of your clients and customers and does it epitomize success for your diversity and inclusion programs or efforts?

• Look at the artwork. Is it representative of different cultures and viewpoints, or does it present just one view of the world? Is there a menorah as well as a Christmas tree?

• Look at the impact of charitable and community outreach. Is your organization immersing itself in the community where it lives, works and does business, or is there an arm’s length between efforts and impact?

According to U.S. Census Bureau projections, 2060 will mark an end to diversity as we know it, replaced by plurality. Minority status will no longer exist.

How will your organization prepare for this new world? It starts with making these simple observations. The diversity experts at T.H. Easter Consulting can help guide you through the next steps to make diversity a reality, not just a check box.


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“A leader’s job is to make sure that the people who work for them are successful. This represents a fundamental paradigm shift away from a top-down, authoritative approach – toward a flattened structure that cultivates and inspires the next generation of leaders.”

~ Terri Hartwell Easter

If you attended Terri Hartwell Easter’s SHRM Diversity and Inclusion conference presentation, then you know that 79% of managers believe their organization’s leadership practices are ineffective, according to the results of a recent study conducted by APQC and underwritten by T.H. Easter Consulting.

There are real business trends that are driving the need for a new leadership style. Your company is likely experiencing:

     • An aging workforce
• Reduced employee tenure
• Emergence of generation Y/millennial workforce
• Technological innovation

Cultivating your leaders of tomorrow needs to begin today. T.H. Easter Consulting can shine the spotlight on best practices for cultivating and inspiring leaders. We created a LinkedIn forum – A ‘Room Without a Roof’ Leadership Group – for professionals and employees facing leadership challenges. Our hope is to help you develop in your career and to elevate your organization as a next-generation employer.

We’ll share new topics twice a month to provoke thought and provide an opportunity to share your experience, such as:

     • The move from human doings to human beings – the evolution of leadership roles from giving orders to leading;
• Defining new social norms to help define the new leader – technology has given rise to a work day without boundaries; think about the 11 a.m. tennis lesson on Thursdays you want to take, or the Dads who want to be home in time for a 5:30 p.m. dinner with their kids;
• To the C-Suite – move from your “authority” position to a “sharing” position when leading;
• Give me one good reason to stay – appealing to the millennial workforce who “work to live” and don’t “live to work.”

And, we’d love to hear about your challenges and successes – new topics, inquiries and voices are welcome.

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