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First Black Woman Elected President of Harvard Law Review

Forty-one years after the first woman and 27 years after Barack Obama, the first African American woman has been elected president of the Harvard Law Review. In our current political climate, this is truly something to celebrate. And it sends a powerful message at a time when the rights of African Americans are being systematically… Read more »

Are We Seeing Glimmers of Strategies for the Workforce of 2040?

T. H. Easter Consulting has been talking with clients about preparing for the workforce of the future for a few years. Now it looks like some companies are taking proactive steps in that direction. We know that the Millennial Generation is looking for more flexibility, greater work/life balance and more meaningful engagement in their work…. Read more »

Our Leader is Gone, Now What?

Given the instability that is being fomented in this presidential election, it seems timely to consider how the United States has managed a massive leadership transition every four or eight years up to this point without outbreaks of violence, rebellion or war. Rough and tumble though the campaigns may be, no one outside of a… Read more »

What is Your Firm’s Success Profile?

What is Your Firm’s Success Profile? by Susan Brooks first appeared in the November 2016 issue of Law Practice Today, a monthly digital publication by the American Bar Association (ABA) Law Practice Division that brings you the most current information and trends in the legal industry by delivering anecdotes from professionals in the field of… Read more »

SHRM Wrap Up

As conference attendees walked by, the flight of the dancer caught their attention. Then their eye drew to the vivid images of the THEC commercial playing in the background. Immediately one of us sparked a conversation asking them “Do you know what great leaders and dancers have in common?”. Our guests stood and pondered if… Read more »


The Leadership Deficit—Face It, Fix It, and Flourish! first appeared on Training Mag, a 50-year-old professional development magazine that advocates training and workforce development as a business tool. The changes wrought by technology, globalization, and generational transitions in the workforce are presenting greater and more complex challenges than any we’ve ever faced, and they are… Read more »

“Unconscious Bias” Lets Us Off the Hook

Another day, another survey highlighting gender inequality in the workplace. Shockingly, as this article makes clear, many acknowledge the data but believe it has nothing to do with their own workplace. And one of the canards rampant in the tech world is that “unconscious bias” is somehow the culprit. This is a wonderful way to… Read more »

Law Firm’s First Latina Partner

A recent article in the New York Times about the partnership of the first Latina woman at Cravath, Swaine and Moore, an historic white shoe law firm in New York, demonstrates the positive impact proactive measures can have on a diverse individual’s success, and ultimately a business’s diversity efforts. This article underscores that the importance… Read more »

EEOC Releases Proposed Rule to Collect Pay Data from Employers

Recent news shows that the gender pay gap is not only persistent, it is worsening as time goes on, and this gap is even more pronounced for women of color. President Obama’s proposed effort to address the gap has important implications for companies with 100+ employees and their diversity and inclusion efforts. Fair or not,… Read more »

#MindTheGap – Millennials’ Perspectives of The Leadership Gap

There’s a leadership gap, and it spans beyond the inner circle of senior management. Today’s millennials believe company leaders focus on profit and reward when they should focus on people. Millennials want their leaders to prioritize employee well-being (37%) and employee growth and development (32%), according to the 2015 Deloitte Millennial Survey – profiled recently… Read more »