T. H. Easter Consulting meets our clients’ challenges by creating customized solutions grounded in data and real world experience. Our consultants use a complementary suite of diagnostic, psychometric and benchmarking tools, as well as industry-specific studies to deliver results that achieve our clients’ business goals.

People don’t always fit in a box. Hogan’s four assessments offer the range of measurement required to understand people’s strengths, weaknesses, values, and approach to problem solving and accurately predict performance.

The EQ-360 is ideal for use in organizations where developing effective communication between individuals, teams, and the entire organization is crucial to success. The EQ-360 identifies key employee strengths that can be leveraged to the benefit of the organization, as well as impediments to high performance that could be improved. The assessment process can also be used as a follow-up to formal coaching and to measure progress.

The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality inventory is to make the theory of psychological types described by C. G. Jung understandable and useful in people’s lives. The essence of the theory is that much seemingly random variation in the behavior is actually quite orderly and consistent, being due to basic differences in the ways individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment.

Participants role-play leadership challenges with live actors on webcam while integrated data analytics assess their readiness and potential.

The Birkman Method, provides personality and occupational data to help understand individuals’ unique behavior and work satisfaction across different situations and industries. The Birkman Method reaches further into personality than any other assessment, allowing for individuals to truly understand not only who they are, but why.

Topgrading is the practice of creating the highest quality workforce by ensuring that talent acquisition and talent management processes focus on identifying, hiring, promoting, and retaining high performers, A Players, in the organization at every salary level.

Gallup Q12
Gallup’s Q12 survey is the most effective measure of employee engagement and its impact on the outcomes that matter most to your business.

APQC is the world’s foremost authority in benchmarking, best practices, process and performance improvement, and knowledge management. APQC’s unique structure as a member-based nonprofit makes it a differentiator in the marketplace. APQC partners with more than 500 member organizations worldwide in all industries. With more than 40 years of experience, APQC remains the world’s leader in transforming organizations.

The Center for Creative Leadership’s Benchmarks® 360 Assessment Suite offers research-based instruments that individuals can use to systematically collect feedback about their performance from a variety of coworkers, customers, and others. 360 feedback enables one to compare the perceptions of others compared with their own, often a powerful catalyst for growth and development.