As the former Chief Operating Officer of a top 100 national AmLaw legal practice and highly regarded organizational change strategist for leading professional services firms, commercial banks and the White House alike, Terri’s trademark is bringing new approaches and innovative thinking to some of the toughest human resource management challenges and most aggressive revenue enhancement goals. Understanding that at the heart of every organization is its people, Terri’s pragmatic, informed approach leads to lasting positive outcomes both for individuals and for an entire organization’s culture.

Diversity at the Core

With a renowned diversity practice, Terri works with clients to frame day-to-day business through a lens of inclusion to attract and retain a more diverse workforce, and create pathways to business growth. With management and operational expertise across the United States and in countries around the world including Belgium, Egypt, Russia, South Africa and the United Kingdom, she knows how to work authentically with a company’s culture to create an environment where everyone can thrive.

Leveraging Leaders

Leveraging expert coaching, organizational assessment, business process re-engineering, and professional development skills, Terri’s adept navigation of some of the most highly regulated, competitive environments is widely regarded in the industry. She has worked with a full range of talent — from both rising leaders to the most seasoned executives — to inspire more effective, inclusive management practices, helping them embrace change, reinvigorate, and manage more nimbly and effectively.

A Thought Leader

Terri is regularly asked to speak to human resource and recruiting executives about her unique knowledge. She’s presented at the SHRM National Diversity & Inclusion Conference, the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR) Conference, the American Bar Association National Conference and the Delaware Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (DE SHRM). Terri shares her insight on a variety of topics, including:

  • Diversity & Inclusion: Moving Beyond the Numbers
  • The Leadership Deficit: Impact and Opportunities for Diverse Mangers and Leaders
  • Raising Your Bottom Line by Using New Tools to Build Diverse Talent
  • Managing a Multi-Disciplinary Team
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Human Resources Initiatives
  • New Strategies for Law Firm Revenues

She is a graduate of Southeastern University, with graduate coursework in business administration from Howard and Harvard Universities and specialized training in business process re-engineering and service quality management from the Disney Institute and Stanford University. She is a former trustee of Southeastern University, and former chair of the Human Resources Section of the Association of Legal Administrations (Capital Chapter).