Marcia E. Heister, Esq., is a Certified Master Coach. After a successful twenty-five year career in the practice of law, Ms. Heister started her coaching practice with Altman Weil, a premier consulting firm to the legal community.  She subsequently created her own private coaching practice, expanding her clientele to include executives.  Ms. Heister’s business coaching philosophy is centered on the belief that each of us maintains certain core strengths that, when further refined and leveraged, can take us to greater heights in our careers.  This approach is modeled around a scaffolding analogy in which foundational layers must be first laid and solidified before elevated achievement levels can be realized.

Ms. Heister has provided business coaching services to many prominent leaders in a variety of business environments, including in Fortune 500 companies and AmLaw 200 firms. In each of these engagements, Ms. Heister works one on one with successful executives and attorneys to help them identify new goals and implement strategies to accomplish them. She uses highly proven and pragmatic coaching methodologies, overlaying 25 years of senior management leadership.

Ms. Heister’s approach includes helping executives:

  • Develop an executive presence
  • Cultivate and execute a strategic vision
  • Leverage cultural differences as a competitive advantage
  • Lead a new team forward after a merger
  • Enhance leadership and management skills
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Transition quickly and effectively into a new role
  • Grow the business
  • Reduce turnover and increase staff morale
  • Expand from star single contributor to collaborative leader

Ms. Heister has spent the last 25 years succeeding in leadership positions in both business and law. She has served as General Counsel in both large, publicly traded companies, and private entrepreneurial companies, following her private practice of law in both large and small firm environments.

Ms. Heister received her Juris Doctor from Duquesne University School of Law, where she was on the law review. Ms. Heister received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Sociology from Hood College. She has been designated a Certified Master Coach by the Behavioral Coaching Institute and is a member of the International Coaching Council.

“I appreciate your asking me the hard questions – I now understand the art of probing.”

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