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#MindTheGap – Millennials’ Perspectives of The Leadership Gap

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blog-picThere’s a leadership gap, and it spans beyond the inner circle of senior management. Today’s millennials believe company leaders focus on profit and reward when they should focus on people. Millennials want their leaders to prioritize employee well-being (37%) and employee growth and development (32%), according to the 2015 Deloitte Millennial Survey – profiled recently on

The survey results also point to the need for leadership development among millennials with only 27% of men and 21% of women rating their leadership skills as strong.

Millennials will become the largest percentage of the workforce in 2015, with many of them taking on management roles. Companies will need to give them good reasons to stay that transcend the nine to five workday – think culture and benefits that appeal to a workforce that “works to live” and does not “live to work.”

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