Create Your Harassment Free Workplace

It may seem like common sense. If you treat all co-workers, indeed all people, with dignity and respect, you will have a harassment free workplace. Right?

If the current moment tells us anything, it is that many people have difficulty with this basic concept.

That’s why T. H. Easter Consulting has developed a comprehensive system for organizations that facilitates the prevention, identification or elimination of the behavior that contributes to hostile work environments.

This approach goes well beyond the band-aid of one-off sexual harassment training. Rather, we address it the way we address other workplace dysfunction, systematically through the application of best practices.

Our three pronged approach is designed to transform and become a part of the workplace culture, not merely something you resort to when things go wrong.


Understanding What is Allowed, What Isn’t, and the Difference Between the Two

  • Law and Policy
  • Communications Awareness


Building Cultural and Behavioral Safety and the Systems to Support It

  • Building Management Competency
  • Training
  • Organizational Systems
    • Reporting
    • Investigations


Managing Through the Issues and Coming Out Stronger

  • Executive Coaching
  • Transition Management
  • Resolution
  • Executive Search

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