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We are honored to join APQC in its latest podcast!

We are pleased to have been asked to sponsor and provide expert commentary on the organization’s latest study, Strategic Workforce Planning. Terri Hartwell Easter, principal and founder, offered in-depth perspective on the importance of workforce planning and the myriad implications for a business’s strategic and organizational objectives that should be considered when embarking on this… Read more »

Are We Seeing Glimmers of Strategies for the Workforce of 2040?

T. H. Easter Consulting has been talking with clients about preparing for the workforce of the future for a few years. Now it looks like some companies are taking proactive steps in that direction. We know that the Millennial Generation is looking for more flexibility, greater work/life balance and more meaningful engagement in their work…. Read more »

EEOC Releases Proposed Rule to Collect Pay Data from Employers

Recent news shows that the gender pay gap is not only persistent, it is worsening as time goes on, and this gap is even more pronounced for women of color. President Obama’s proposed effort to address the gap has important implications for companies with 100+ employees and their diversity and inclusion efforts. Fair or not,… Read more »

Company Culture Extends Beyond the Water Cooler to Impact an Entire Profession

Close to 40 percent of women with engineering degrees either leave the profession or never enter the field. The main culprit? Company culture. A recent study by the national Project on Women Engineers’ Retention (POWER) – featured on – found the engineering workplace unfriendly and even hostile to women. Respondents said engineering companies did… Read more »

Forbes Article: Embattled Utilities Face ‘Talent Storm’

This article by Jeff McMahon discusses the challenges that utility organizations face retaining senior level employees who are choosing to retire.  That brings to light another significant challenge of attracting new talent.  Jeff offers strategies that can assist utility organizations to not only attract talent, but also retain talent.  

The Power of Introverts

This is an excellent TED video presentation by Susan Cain.  Susan is a former corporate lawyer and contract negotiator and is a self described introvert.  She makes a strong case that in a world where extrovert’s outgoing nature and ability to be social are highly celebrated, introverts also bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the… Read more »

Top 10 Hits for a Liability-Free Holiday Party

  We would like to share this timely and informational article by Brian S. Kaplan and Elisheva M. Hirshman.  With every holiday season comes the time-honored tradition of the office holiday party. A chance for companies nationwide to thank their workforces—and for employees to kick back with coworkers, clients and customers to celebrate the year’s… Read more »

Workplace Safety and Security

In today’s world there are many concerns regarding workplace safety and security.  Employees may question how their company can effectively ensure their ongoing safety.   The question is how do each of us play an equally integral role in ensuring the workplace is safe? To ease employee’s worries there are measures a leadership team can take. … Read more »