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Forbes Article: Embattled Utilities Face ‘Talent Storm’

This article by Jeff McMahon discusses the challenges that utility organizations face retaining senior level employees who are choosing to retire.  That brings to light another significant challenge of attracting new talent.  Jeff offers strategies that can assist utility organizations to not only attract talent, but also retain talent.  

The Power of Introverts

This is an excellent TED video presentation by Susan Cain.  Susan is a former corporate lawyer and contract negotiator and is a self described introvert.  She makes a strong case that in a world where extrovert’s outgoing nature and ability to be social are highly celebrated, introverts also bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the… Read more »

Keep the Interview Legal

This is a wonderful article written by Louise Kursmark, Monster Contributing Writer Fair hiring laws were enacted to give every candidate a fair shake in the and selection process. Yet more than 40 years after the first of these guidelines became law, job candidates today still are asked questions that are illegal, insulting, and irrelevant to job… Read more »