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We are honored to join APQC in its latest podcast!

We are pleased to have been asked to sponsor and provide expert commentary on the organization’s latest study, Strategic Workforce Planning. Terri Hartwell Easter, principal and founder, offered in-depth perspective on the importance of workforce planning and the myriad implications for a business’s strategic and organizational objectives that should be considered when embarking on this… Read more »

Our Leader is Gone, Now What?

Given the instability that is being fomented in this presidential election, it seems timely to consider how the United States has managed a massive leadership transition every four or eight years up to this point without outbreaks of violence, rebellion or war. Rough and tumble though the campaigns may be, no one outside of a… Read more »

What is Your Firm’s Success Profile?

What is Your Firm’s Success Profile? by Susan Brooks first appeared in the November 2016 issue of Law Practice Today, a monthly digital publication by the American Bar Association (ABA) Law Practice Division that brings you the most current information and trends in the legal industry by delivering anecdotes from professionals in the field of… Read more »